Old Northern Road – Castle Hill

This 5 hectare greenfield site is proposed to be developed into a 15 lot residential subdivision. Each lot is to be fitted with in-ground tanks connected in series to provide on-site detention for the entire development. The stormwater and Sydney water sewer system was designed to run through the adjacent Heritage Park whilst minimising disturbance to the existing trees.

Macquarie Road – Rouse Hill

The existing, mostly greenfield area, is to been subdivided into twelve (12) residential lots. Two new roads have been constructed on site which is where the majority of new stormwater is to be installed. Stage 1 of works includes a pit and pipe system which reticulates to a temporary grassed swale and runs to a temporary OSD basin. This is a result of no council stormwater infrastructure being available in the precinct. Stage 2 involves a continuation of the pit and pipe system, again connecting into the temporary OSD tank.

Warren Smith Consulting Engineers