An Easy Win for our Water Wizards

Game 7 Report | By Nicole Meo | December 15, 2016

Game seven for the Water Wizards started unexpectedly with a forfeit from the opposing team. Although this automatically means we get the win (woohoo), The Wizards were disappointed about not being able to play an actual game. Luckily the Division 2 team which played in the time slot just before us, the Bueno B Wizards, agreed to play against us in a friendly match.

From the get go, this Wizard vs. Wizard game definitely had a more magically competitive edge than a friendly one. The game started strong with some great defending from both teams and a lot of back and forth possession of the ball. The Water Wizards struck early to bring the score up to 1-0 but were quickly dominated by the Bueno B Wizards as they scored 2 goals in quick succession. Nonetheless there were a plethora of shots had by both teams and some excellent team saves, keeping the game very exciting. Unfortunately, this game saw more injuries sustained than usual. In an attempt to clear the ball from our goal post, Nick managed the lob the ball straight into the only B Wizards player wearing glasses, sending him off the field temporarily. At some point, Laura also ran full force and head on into the female B Wizard goal keeper ramming them both into the wall. Although no-one was keeping strict time, at some halfway point the score was 4-2 to the Water Wizards, with goals scored by Nicole, Laura and Jonny.

The “second half” saw the addition of our usual ref and another member of the KGV staff as players in the game. With these two additions, the standard of playing skill increased greatly. We were able to see some very fancy footwork from both the ref and his colleague. Both Grahame and John had their turn as keeper and managed to keep most of the shots out of goal with some nail biting near misses. However, the injuries kept up as the aforementioned B Wizards player was struck in the face by the ball yet again by John this time. Nicole managed to score another goal, but at the expense of the female keeper (again), who was left with a battered knee and winded as Nicole and a B Wizards player simultaneously tackled the ball at her feet. The Water Wizards had some excellent defending by all players in the team which allowed us to pull off a final 7-4 win. It was a fun, although injury prone, game and the Water Wizards were very appreciative to even have a game at all.

Warren Smith Consulting Engineers