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Barangaroo South
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Barangaroo South

The main Barangaroo South Commercial areas include three main towers each being over 150m in height up to over 200m. Buildings of this height require specialised fire suppression systems to deal with high system pressure requirements. There are also a number of other smaller buildings surrounding the towers with one in particular constructed in timber. A site wide Combined Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant system was established and engineered to supply all the Commercial buildings on the precinct. A networked smoke detection and alarm system was also implemented. Each building also includes building dedicated boosting and fire control rooms / centres for fire brigade intervention.

126 Phillip Street, Sydney

The 160m high 126 Phillip Street is a, fire engineered commercial building with 1444m2 “column less” floor plates, an atrium extending the height of the building that sits on a 14m high under croft known as Deutsche Place (named after the major tenant Deutsche Bank). Aside from the required fire electrical designs, this impressive building required Warren Smith Consulting Engineers to provide an engineered fire services design of a cascade combined fire sprinkler / hydrant / hose reel system to meet the fire engineering requirements that became a great industry achievement.

420 George Street

420 George Street is a commercial retail high rise tower located within premium CBD the Retail and Commercial Hub in the George Street mall. The building is provided with a 4 pressure zone combined sprinkler hydrant system. The Fire Detection and Alarm and EWIS Systems were designed to allow for extensive tenancy modifications without the need to upgrade the base building fire electrics infrastructure.

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