Industrial Water Supply
Fantastic Furniture

Regents Park Industrial Estate

Regents Park Industrial Estate consisting of 20 detached warehouses, each with office frontage ranging from 700m2 to 28,000m2 involved a large upgrade and rollout of the fire sprinkler system. The objective was to design, engineer and document ESFR sprinkler systems to each warehouse throughout the estate, including new tank and booster pump facilities. The upgrade also involved the expertise of our Civil engineering division, including our in-house Sydney Water Project Management.

Rozelle Marina

Boat storage and boat wash facility utilizing electro-flocculation and combination with rainwater reuse resulting in no potable water demand usage for a large boat wash facility.

Ontex Manufacturing and Warehouse Facility

The Ontex Manufacturing and Warehousing project at Eastern Creek was a fitout of an existing warehouse facility that required the modification and upgrade of existing fire services to current code compliance and to cater for the change of use for half the warehouse to manufacturing.

Fantastic Furniture Warehouse, Fairfield

The 80,000m2 Warehouse is provided with a storage mode Fire Sprinkler System installed to the requirements of the Insurance Company, Factory Mutual.  The System is a combined Sprinkler / Hydrant System complete with on site storage tank and FM approved High Hazard Diesel Fire Pumps.

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