Lumiere and Frasers Suites
Lumiere and Frasers Suites - Tom Evangelidis
Lumiere and Frasers Suites - Tom Evangelidis
Top Ryde City
First Avenue, Blacktown
Burwood Grand

Barangaroo South

The Barangaroo South Residential Buildings R8 and R9 are situated on the harbour, seated above specialty retail and are provided with a combined sprinkler hydrant system extending from the  precinct wide Combined Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant water supply infrastructure.  A networked fire detection and alarm system, including Sound System and Intercom System for Emergency Purposes are provided for each building.  Each residential building also includes building specific boosting and fire control centres for fire brigade intervention. Barangaroo South

Lumiere Apartments

Lumiere Apartments is a mixed use Retail, Residential and Services Apartment development on George Street Sydney.  There is a Retail Podium supporting two high rise towers over.  One being Residential, the other Serviced Apartments.  The development is protected with a Combined Fire Sprinkler/Hydrant system plus smoke detection and EWIS

Burwood Grand

Burwood Grand is a large scale residential, commercial and office development in the inner west of Sydney.  It occupies one block of the suburb close to the retail and transport hubs.  There is a common multi level carpark, 2 residential towers and an office tower with retail on the Ground Floor.

The development has been designed to be protected by a Combined Fire Sprinkler and Hydrant system taking advantage of benefits associated with reduced infrastructure and rising pipework.  There is also full smoke detection and Emergency Warning and Intercom throughout.  The residential areas are also provided portable fire extinguishers per recent updates to the National Construction Code.

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