Fourth game of the season as a decimated squad entered the theatre of dreams.

Game 4 Report | By Nicole Meo | November 14, 2016

Tough game for the Water Wizards this week as we lost to a better team on the day. The cause wasn’t helped with a few late dropouts. Benito Wise grounded our goal merchant, Jonathan Mousdell and confiscated his boots in an act of treason that is being referred to by a Royal Commission. Young Nick Watts , after spending $5m on his latest investment property, decided his limbs were too expensive to be exposed to the dangers of association football and penciled in a site inspection to clash with the game. The dodgy keeper, Michael Cahalane, decided to opt out due to a pitiful excuse of a big golf game this weekend. Last week’s newbee, Daniel Power, produced a sick note stating pregnancy anxiety as an excuse for dropping out and Deandra Lewin was last seen hiding under the desk hoping she wouldn’t get a call up. Even our decorated coach, Mark Price, took last week’s defeat so badly that he has yet to get out of bed such is the guilt of some of the decisions he made to lose us the game.

Well enough of the sob stories and on with the champions that turned out on the day. Yes we’re talking about John, Laura, Scott, Manu, Nicole and Libs who battled through high temperatures to put on a great performance and do the company proud.

A tough battle was had but a slow start resulted in an early goal been conceded. The absence of the decorated coach was impacting when the fitness fanatic, Scott Finucane, was stuck in goal for most of the game. His lung bursting box to box runs were sadly missed but he did make a few great saves between the sticks.

Down 2-0 at half time resulted in a stern reprimand from Captain John Chaumont at half time. The ‘hair-dryer’ treatment had a great impact in the 2nd half and resulted in a cracker of a goal from the Galway Rocket, Laura Shaughnessy to give us a glimpse of hope. Manu put in a great effort with some Messi style dribbling and John Chaumont was a tower of strength all over the field and very unlucky not to be rewarded with a goal. Unfortunately after a promising opening, injury restricted Libby to a limited impact which resulted in the two warriors, Laura Shaughnessy and Nicole Meo, playing full games and as always leaving everything out on the field.

Thanks to all of the supporters that came along including Grahame Barnes, Michael Cahalane, Ava Heintze, Paul Sarza, Preneshin Govender and Jack Wang. Back on the wagon next week and let’s get a win.

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