Nail Biting First Game Back for Water Wizards

Game 8 Report | By Nicole Meo | January 12, 2017

First game of the year and the Water Wizards were up against Charterhouse Medical, who currently have a comfortable lead at the top of the ladder. With that in mind the Wizards came out in sheer numbers with Nicole, Dee, Jane, Lovdeep and Libby playing for the girls and Johnny, Nick, Scott, John and Chris playing for the boys. The game started a little slowly as both teams brushed the holiday cobwebs off, but possession was quickly dominated by the Wizards as we started to make some excellent plays and get a few shots at the goal. A couple of balls were set up fantastically by Nick and John but didn’t close due to some impressive air kicks by Nicole. Luckily at around the 6 minute mark Nick pelted the ball into the net scoring the first goal of the game. Possession remained quite tight but the few shots Charterhouse Medical had could not get past John. Just before the end of the first half Scott also managed to put one past the keeper and bring the score to a confidence boosting 2-0 at half time.

For the second half, Charterhouse Medical really brought their A-game in an attempt to come back from their initial loss. They had a good deal more shots on goal and definitely quickened the pace of the game. They managed to score the first goal in this half proving they were still in it to win it. The next goal scored by John was disallowed as the ref ruled him to be within the middle half of the court, an area where the men cannot score from. Luckily Jonny managed to dribble the ball around the Charterhouse players and kick it directly into the goal post which rebounded into the goal. The game remained tense as Nick accidentally hand balled the goal while he was keeper. But the goals kept coming with another for Charterhouse. A second goal for the Wizards was disallowed as Nicole, who had fallen over, kneed the ball to John whilst on the ground who then scored only to be told that we were not allowed to play on the floor. The final goal scored by the Wizards was an excellent play in which John passed to Dee, who threw the keeper off by passing to Nicole instead of attempting to score and Nicole kicking it into the goal. Even so Charterhouse Medical kept pushing until the last second of the game to try avoid a loss. But it was not to be their day and the Wizards took out the game with a 4-3 result. After 8 games this season this was Charterhouse Medical’s first ever loss, so well done Wizards.

Also thank you Chinmay for the photos, and well done to Jane and Chris for their football debuts!

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