Water Wizards Annihilation

Game 2 Report | By Nicole Meo | November 1, 2016

Last Thursday, Warren’s Water Wizards undertook their second game at the King George V Recreation Centre. The team in one short week had expanded to include an additional 4 girls, all willing to give it a go without any prior football experience; and as usual we had a great cheer squad sitting on the sidelines ready to shout out words of praise or profanities.

The Water Wizards started the game with good possession of the ball and some great passing skills between the team. The opposing team were putting up a good fight and managed to have a few great attempts on the goal. Only one slipped past our strong goalies, John and Jonathan, who were not afraid to take a few hits. Our attacking skills were then brought to the foreground after FOUR goals were scored in the first half by Jonathan assisted by some excellent plays made by the whole team. An amazing first half.

The second half saw more of the girls give it a go for the first time and 2 more goals being scored! The first by Laura and the second concluded the game with a great set up by Rocky which allowed Scott to make the perfect finish. One of the opposition players was also injured leaving their team one man down for a few minutes giving us ample possession time.

All in all an exciting and nail biting game. Well done Wizards!

Warren Smith Consulting Engineers