Water Wizards Face a Tough Opponent

Game 3 Report | By John Chamount | November 8, 2016

The Water Wizards were on the receiving end of a tough loss last Thursday, as they faced a tough opponent in Charterhouse Medical under some hot and humid conditions. It was clear from the get-go that we were up against an aggressive team with both the male and female opposition looking like very experienced players. Charterhouse medical came out in attack mode, moving the ball very well and playing very physically to start the game which resulted in two early goals. The Water Wizards did a great job of playing from behind, keeping their composure and making good ball movement which was highlighted by Libby Higham, who made a pinpoint pass ahead of the field to Jonathan Mousdell for a goal, putting us back into the mix.

Another goal by the opposition saw us back into a 2-goal deficit before Rocky Guo moved the ball ahead to Nicole Meo, who made a great run and slotted one past the man mountain of a keeper, putting us at a 3-2 deficit to close out the half.

The second half had plenty of near misses, with the Water Wizards unlucky with capitalizing on great passes and close chances. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the Charterhouse medical team, who kept up with the aggression and physicality, pouring 3 more goals in on our hard-working keepers, Michael CahalaneNick Watts and John Chaumont. The Water Wizards had a great support base for the game with lots of co-workers coming out to cheer for the team, and Mark Price did a great job coaching from the sidelines.

Overall it was a great effort from all of the team and a solid result against a much more experienced outfit. This coming Thursday, the Water Wizards are looking to move to a 2-1 record against the “Best and Flarest” at 12:00pm. As always, the Water Wizards appreciate your support and encouragement from the sidelines.


(IMAGE: Jonathan Mousdell cheerily putting one into the back of the net to bring the score to 2-1 )

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