Water Wizards First Soccer Game


Game 1 Report | By Ava Heintze | October 21, 2016

Yesterday the Warren Smith and Partners soccer team, The Water Wizards, debuted their first game at the King George V Recreation Centre. Donning their brand new uniforms looking fit and smart they tackled one of the top division teams. Not only was the player turnout great but we were lucky to have so many supporters cheering from the sideline showing real team spirit.

The first half was a smashing success seeing great passing techniques and communication from our side which led us to two goals early on. By the second half the opposition realised what they were up against and upped their game. Their new attack strategy was countered with great defence and goalie skills, and The Water Wizards held down the fort and ended up tying 2 all.

It was fantastic to see so much cooperation and teamwork which ended with an excellent first game; looking forward to more in the future.

Special commendation to Laura and Nicole who played for the entire game non-stop proving to be some of our toughest players; also that we need some more girls to join in the fun!

Below are some shots taken from the game, next game there will be more!

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