Water Wizards Victory

Game 5 Report | By Nicole Meo | November 29, 2016

Game 5 for the Water Wizards saw 7 of our players enter the pitch for what was to be a stinking hot and extremely sweaty 26 minute game. The first half saw some quite even possession between both teams putting the pressure on to score goals and come out on top. New comers to the team, Alison and Graham, proved to be invaluable with Alison seemingly always open and in the right position and Graham acting as a defending powerhouse not to be messed with. Two goals were scored in quick succession by Nick in the first half giving us a fantastic boost to start. Excellent keeping by John meant that minimal goals were scored against us and we remained up in the first half with a score of 3-2.

The second half proved more challenging as the heat really started to exhaust everyone. But with some fancy footwork from Manu and set ups by Rocky, John managed to score 2 more goals! All this resulting in a win with final score of 5-4.

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